Haitian Dollar Pitch Deck

Haiti has one of the most open economies in the entire Caribbean. However, although Haiti offers an open economy, there are barriers to cash accessibility. This is exacerbated because normally hard cash is unsafe, expensive, inconvenient, inefficient, and lack transparency (New 2014 State of the Industry Report on Mobile Financial Services for the Unbanked, 2015). We believe that utilizing cryptocurrencies such as the Haitian Dollar as a new emerging class of crypto assets can be a force for good. #haiti #haitian #haitiandollar #haitiandiaspora #haitiangourde #dextrade

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The Haitian Gourde is fixed to the Haitian Dollar at a rate of 5:1. This Exchange Rate is fixed forever.The Haitian Dollar could serve as a gateway for unbanked and under-banked individuals in Haiti to have access to electronic payment systems , financial products and services.

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