What is a seed phrase?

A seed phrase, also known as a recovery seed or a secret private key phrase, is a sequence of 12-24 words you can use to restore a private key wallet.

Why is a seed phrase important?

Because it’s the only way to backup a crypto wallet. If you lose the phone, computer, or hardware device you use to access your crypto, you will need to enter your seed phrase elsewhere to restore your private key wallet and its contents.

What happens if I lose my seed phrase?

Initially, nothing. After all, you don’t need your seed phrase to access your funds; it’s a backup method to restore your funds. So, if you lose your physical device and your seed phrase, that’s when you can panic.

Does Ominlayer or Haitian Dollar know my seed phrase?

No, Ominlayer or Haitian Dollar does not know your seed and cannot recover it for you. In your Private Key Wallets for your tokens, it’s “your keys, your crypto.”

Someone asked me for my Secret Private Key Phrase. Should I give it to them?

No. Not unless you are comfortable giving them all your crypto.

Someone from Haitian Dollar Team asked me for my seed phrase.

Scammer alert! That person is not from Haitian Dollar Team. You should stop messaging and report them.

How do I back up my wallet?

On the ‘Overview’ page on https://www.omniwallet.org you can export a copy of your wallet from the “Wallet options’ menu. This json file contains every address and private key (if known) for the addresses in your wallet at the time of backup. If you add new addresses to your wallet you should immediately create a new backup, replacing your old backup. See this Knowledge Base article for full details