Creating a new Omniwallet for HTD

Creating a new Omniwallet is a convenient way and the safest way for you to store your DIBCOIN’s. Each omniwallet has a Wallet ID. When you create a new omniwallet, its generates a brand new random Wallet ID for you. This ID enables you to login and access your wallet. Your Wallet ID is the way Omni know which wallet is yours. You need your Wallet ID to login and access your wallet

So Please BACKUP/SAVE your Wallet ID and your Wallet Password somewhere safe, but separately. If you lose your Wallet ID or Wallet Password, you could lose the addresses and the funds in them.

Go to and click on ‘Create Wallet’ in the menu bar.

From there simply fill in a strong password you want to use, enter an email address (optional but highly recommended) and complete the form.

Once you are logged in you should be greeted with your Wallet ID: Save this in a secure place. This and your password are how you will login to your wallet in the future.

If you accidentally clicked away from initial display before saving your Wallet ID you can always see your Wallet ID in the top menu or under the ‘Account Settings’.

Now that your wallet is setup send some BTC to your address or you can import your own address to get started.

Need more concrete guidance please visit this site –